Cameron Joins Social Media & Shares Exclusive Zoo/PJ20 Photos

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Posted by Greg on May 4, 2011 at 8:07 am
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Cameron Crowe's photo: Sometimes life looks like an album cover.  Zoo Shoot Day # 19.
That’s right everyone. Cameron has joined the ranks of social media. You will be able to see his exclusive pictures and thoughts via Twitter or Facebook. I’ve embedded the first images here (simply hover over the picture to read Cameron’s thoughts on that pic) and will be creating a real time link on the site in the coming days.

Cameron Crowe's photo: Matt, Stephanie, Colin and Maggie.  The Mee Family.  Zoo Shoot Day # 1.

Cameron Crowe's photo: The Return of Patrick Fugit... Zoo Shoot Day # 42

Cameron Crowe's photo: Matt Damon, and a large Grizzly named Bart.  Zoo Shoot Day # 53.

Cameron Crowe's photo: PJ20 coming soon.

Cameron Crowe's photo: Memories... on our way to the final cut...

Cameron Crowe's photo: Home stretch for PJ20...
Cameron Crowe's photo: FIrst day, this lion wheeled around, lifting his leg and peed on me.

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