The Wild Life – Soundtrack

Track Listing:

  1. “Wild Life” – Bananarama
  2. “Who’s Gonna Break The Ice” – Peter Case
  3. “No Trespassing” – Louise Goffin with Charlotte Caffey
  4. “Metal of the Night” – Hanover Fist
  5. “It’s Not Easy” – Charlie Sexton with Ron Wood
  6. “Make It Glamorous” – Van Stephenson
  7. “Human Shout” – Andy Summers
  8. “Donut City” – Eddie Van Halen
  9. “I Go Wild” – The Three O’Clock
  10. “Mind My Have Still I” – What Is This

Produced By:Art Linson, Cameron Crowe and Debbie Gold
Mastered By: Bob Hata
Released: September, 1984
Label:MCA Records


  • This soundtrack is only available on LP and cassette. It has never been released on Compact Disc or streaming.
  • There are some interesting collaborations between Louse Goffin/Charlotte Caffey (The Go Go’s) and Charlie Sexton/Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones).
  • In addition to the song “Donut City”, Eddie Van Halen also did the score for the film. Many of these instrumentals ended up on future Van Halen albums.
  • Eddie’s song “Out the Window” was used one year later in Back to the Future.