Fast Times – 20th Anniversary Reunion

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Posted by Greg on March 19, 2002 at 3:00 pm
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Here’s the great reunion shot of the Fast Times at Ridgemont. It includes the cast, director Amy Heckerling, Cameron and Producer Art Linsonfeatured in this month’s Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair.

Some additional tidbits about the picture. It was Vanity Fair‘s idea to get everyone together for the shoot. A celebrity photographer, Jason Schmidt, did the work at Beverly Hills High School. Sean Penn was the first to arrive and stayed throughout the shoot. Everyone was there but Cameron, Phoebe, Jennifer and Anthony Edwards.  Cameron and Anthony were shot later on the West coast and then digitally inserted. The two girls, however, took a bit more work. The photographer talked the school into selling him two of the desks which he shipped back to NYC and then shot ‘Linda’ and ‘Stacy’ reacting to their 2500-mile-away detractors, and again digitally inserted.

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