Review: Arlo Guthrie – Self Titled

Arlo Guthrie – Arlo Guthrie (Reprise MS 2183)

To most members of the record-buying audience, Arlo Guthrie is still the whimsically antiestablishment composer of the novelty tune “Alice’s Restaurant”. Having long since abandoned the “funny singing hippie” image for a more serious approach, Guthrie has succeeded in releasing four superbly well-crafted efforts which have gone relatively unnoticed. Arlo Guthrie, his fifth post-Alice venture, is yet another gem. Arlo Guthrie’s well-conceived and tasteful versatility, from the gospel of “Go Down Moses,” to the folk of his father Woody’s “Deportees,” is very impressive. A fine album.

Courtesy of theĀ L.A. Times – Cameron Crowe – July 21, 1974