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Stormy Night Films

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As I look outside at the grey skies and rain here in Seattle, I thought it would be a great time to revisit Cameron’s 10 Essential Films For a Stormy Night. The list was put together for the September, 2005 issue of Paste magazine. Good timing too as Quadrophenia and The Royal Tenenbaums were recently announced as coming to Criterion Blu-ray in August!

1. Local Hero (Bill Forsythe) – Because of the characters, the things they say to each other and, of course, The Rabbit.

2. Best Years of Our Lives (William Wyler) – Myrna Loy just plain rocks, and so does everybody else in the sprawling beautiful epic. In the words of Wyler’s buddy Billy Wilder, “I was crying five minutes into this picture and I did not not know why.”

3. The Apartment (Billy Wilder) – Because it’s perfect.

4. The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson) – A complete, compact, bittersweet world. And also, the music. Wes’s use of “Ruby Tuesday” is devastating, and let’s not even get started on the shot of Gwyneth Paltrow exiting that bus to Nico’s “These Days.”

5. Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (Jeff Margolis) – Pryor starts out telling jokes, and then takes a turn. “Let me tell about my year…” Modern personal comedy would never be the same.

6. Live A Little, Love A Little (Norman Taurog) – There’s a good chance that within a few months, Elvis probably didn’t even remember making this movie. He’s a slurring, amphetamined mess…of perfection. Check out the only psychedelic number he ever performed, “Edge of Reality.”

7. Hannah and Her Sisters (Woody Allen) – Like The Royal Tenenbaums, it’s a complete world you can’t help but revisit. As addictive as whatever drugs Elvis was on during the above movie, and more.

8. Quadrophenia (Franc Roddam) – Because of Steph. And, of course, Jimmy.

9. Shampoo (Hal Ashby) – A quiet, timeless look at modern man, set to musical perfection…and all the best characters are women.

10. Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir) – The inspiration for Shampoo, and so much more. The gorgeous catastrophy of the human condition and love, on full display. Misunderstood and discounted in its day, this masterpiece is rich and deep and only gets better. I’m tempted to call it the Exile on Main Street of Jean Renoir’s catalog of brilliant work, but it’s deeper and more elegant and even better than that. And the best character is the sad fool played by Renoir himself.

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May 21, 2012

Say Anything…2?

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As you probably know, Cameron mentioned on Saturday at the TCA press conference for PJ20 that Say Anything… was the only film of his that he’d ever consider for a sequel. Here’s the direct quote:

“It’s the only thing that I’ve written that I would consider doing that with. “I’ve thought about it from time to time and talked about it with John Cusack once and just said this is the only story that I kind of think there might be another chapter to that at some point.”

It seems that every online site has taken the story and run with it. I find the whole thing pretty amusing. This is not the first time it’s been discussed. As far back as this interview in 2000, Cameron has mentioned that the film has characters that he wouldn’t mind revisiting. Here’s a more recent quote from Paste magazine in October, 2005.

“I used to think for a while that it would be the one movie I’d do a sequel to, because there was more to be said about Lloyd. Then I went to see High Fidelity, and I thought, “You know what, that movie says a lot of the things that I would probably want to say in a sequel to Say Anything…, so congratulations, it exists.”

That quote seems to suggest that Say Anything 2 hasn’t ever really been close to reality and was merely something he considered at some point. Bottom line is that I wouldn’t get too excited about this either way. There’s no Say Anything… 2 script lying around and my opinion is that another adventure with Lloyd Dobler probably isn’t in the cards. Just an honest answer to an interesting question…


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Aug 2, 2011

Paste: 11 Vinyl Albums, 10 Essential Films & More!

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Today we look back at the Paste magazine profile of Cameron and Elizabethtown from September 2005. The cover art was done by none other than Joni Mitchell and the issue included an interview with Cameron, his 11 Albums to Seek Out on Vinyl, 10 Essential Films for Stormy Night and Crowe on Crowe (as he reflects back on his all his major projects from Fast Times to Vanilla Sky). I sure do miss holding the physical Paste magazine in my hands, but at least they are still alive and kicking online.


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Jun 14, 2011

Greatest Movies + 10 Essential Films for A Stormy Night

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There’s some real nice symmetry between Cameron’s Top 10 Greatest Movies (as he voted for Empire magazine’s 500 Greatest Films of All Time) from November, 2008 and his 10 Essential Films for a Stormy Night from a November, 2005 Elizabethtown cover story in Paste magazine. Please, check out both lists, but more importantly, you really need to see all these films if you haven’t already…

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Mar 14, 2011

David Crosby: Remember My Name-Out Now on DVD/Blu-ray & Digital!

  • Almost Famous- Paramount+, FUBO
  • Aloha- Starz
  • David Crosby- Starz
  • E-Town- MAX, FUBO
  • Jerry Maguire- Apple TV+
  • Say Anything...- Showtime
  • Vanilla Sky- Paramount+,Showtime
  • We Bought A Zoo- Disney+