Mono – Memorie dal Futuro – 10”

Release Date: September 12, 2006
Catalog #: VR-20033
Number of Copies:

  • 1,000 (Black) (U.S.)
  • 500 (White) (Europe)
  • 500 (Clear) (Future Box)
  • 300 (Grey) (Promo)


  1. Memorie Dal Futuro
  2. Due Foglie, Una Candela : Il Sofio Del Vento


  • Here are pics of the various vinyl colors that were available:

Press Release:

The third in Vinyl Films Records 10″ series is from the Japanese quartet Mono.

“Mono demonstrates a unique ability to capture the essence of deep and hidden (but nevertheless beautiful) places within the human soul.”
– Jedd Beaudoin, Copper Press,

The Vinyl Films 10” series returns with the heartbreaking cacophony that is Japan’s Mono. Memorie dal Futuro was recorded by Steve Albini during the sessions that produced 2006’s brilliant You Are There, and continues the band’s trend of beautiful, haunting, epic melodies that slowly seep into the unconscious mind, never to leave.