Fast Times TV Version

The television version of Fast Times includes many scenes that were cut by Amy Heckerling from the theatrical version (over 14 minutes of additional or alternate footage). She clearly states that she is not fond of them (which is why they were not included on the DVD), but many of them are interesting and worth a look. Various different edits have appeared on TV over the years and I’ll attempt to document all the footage.

Opening credits
Alternate Scene:
During Don Philips credit, instead of showing the ‘line of butts in designer jeans’ playing video games, a shot of the the mall entrance is used instead.
Length: 0:04

Jeff tells story how he got pick

Extended Scene: Eric Stoltz picks up pick from the table and asks Jeff when he started playing the guitar. Spicoli tells long story about how he met Mick Jagger at the Anaheim Stones concert and Jagger gave him the pick. Spicoli then gives the pick to Eric Stoltz. The scene ends with Jeff saying “It’s cool, you showed interest.”, then Brad yells “Hey!” from off camera.
Length: 1:23

Brad & Dennis Taylor talk in front of fryer
Extended Scene:
Dennis Taylor asks Brad if there was any problem.  Brad says it was just a couple of surfers and he took care of it.  As Dennis Taylor exits to his office, he notices the french fries in the bin.  Dennis Taylor pick up one of the fries and confronts Brad.  Brad admits to throwing them out because they were left over from last shift.  Dennis Taylor chastises him for throwing away perfectly good fries and eats the one he had in his hand. Brad’s responds “They weren’t mine.”  Dennis Taylor exits to his office, and Brad says “Go comb your hair.”
Length: 0:24

Stacy & Linda leaving mall
Extended Scene:
A shot of the mall is added at the end of the scene, with some additional dialog from the actors over dubbed. Stacy says “I can’t believe we start high school tomorrow.” and Linda replies “Well believe it.” A girl interrupts Stacy and Linda. She tells Linda a friend said she could ask Linda a question about sex and Linda would know the answer. The girl asks about birth control and Linda tells her how to go to the free clinic and get the “mini-pill” and “don’t let them talk you into getting a diaphragm.”
Length: 0:20

Stacy gets a warning about Mr. Hand from Brad & buds in gymnasium
Extended Scene:
From an alternate camera perspective, Arnold says “Alright.” Stacy comes up to Brad & his buds and asks him where Lisa is. Brad complains that everybody asks him where Lisa is and how should he know? He further comments that “the party” is over” now that his sister goes the the same school as him. Brad asks what’s her first period. Stacy says that she has Mr. Hand for U.S. History. Brad and his friends all go “ooooh, Aloha!” and tell Stacy she’ll be fine as long as she likes “Hawaii 5-0”. Stacy leaves and Nicolas Cage tells Brad that Stacy is turning into a fox. Brad’s replies “Really?” and then a school bell rings and finishes out the scene.
Length: 0:46

Brad & buds talk at lunch
New Scene:
Brad and his friends go to lunch and ponder the fate of a burger worker who has been fired and forced to go to work at Mi-T Mart. Brad sees Arnold, and invites him over to sit with them, and makes a joke about green jello.
Length: 0:34

Spicoli exaggerates Mr. Hand meeting to buds in bathroom
New Scene:
 In the school bathroom, Spicoli tells his friends how he handled Mr. Hand. He exaggerates, telling how he ripped up Mr. Hand’s notes after Hand ripped up his card. Spicoli then demands a dollar from Eric Stoltz, who gladly hands it over.
Length: 0:45

Linda gives Stacy a fellatio lesson
Extended Scene:
Greg and Cindy come up and say hi to Linda, Linda introduces them to Stacy. After they walk away Linda makes a comment “If there’s on thing that never changes, it a cheerleader.”
Length: 0:12

Stacy & Linda debrief on phone about Stacy’s date
New Scene:
Linda and Stacy are both in bed, talking on the phone. Linda asks Stacy if she did it, and Stacy replies “yeah.” Linda asks how she felt, and Stacy answers “I feel like I should look different.” Linda says that when she did it, she felt relieved and then wanted to do it with every cute boy she knew, then Stacy laughs. Linda congratulates Stacy, who replies “thanks.”
Length: 0:30

Stacy & Linda Walk Through the Mall Parking Structure
New Scene:
Stacy notices Ron’s car in the parking structure as she and Linda are walking by. Stacy tells Linda that Ron called the house and her mother told him she was still in high school. Ron hasn’t called since. Stacy considers writing Ron a note admitting she is 15 but Linda advises her to forget about him. Stacy asks if Doug cares that Linda is 17. Linda says Doug only cares about the person inside but not all guys are like that. Stacy decides if he calls again, she’ll change her lie and say she’s still in high school but she’s eighteen. Linda says she is glad to be through with all the games.
Length: 0:39

Spicoli & buds in mall arcade; Rat & Damone have conversation
New Scene:
Spicoli finishes a game of Pac-Man then explains to his buds how the game is just like life: “decimate or get decimated”. They decide to go play Asteroids and Spicoli finds that a noble idea and they walk off and the camera pans to Rat and Damone. Rat and Damone discuss how the scalping business is changing and kids aren’t even listening to Aerosmith. Rat goes on to say that all the kids at Lincoln are dressing like that and Damone replies that those kids are all over the mall “like maggots”. Rat makes the comment that they are just kids and that they went through the same drug phase in jr. high. There is a quick shot of a shoplifter being taken away in handcuffs. Look for Cameron Crowe cameo’s as the shoplifter.
Length: 0:45

Brad cleaning bathroom in All American Burger
Alternate S
cene: Brad is cleaning “Eat It” from the bathroom mirror instead of “Eat Big Hairy Pussy”.
Length: 0:32

In Brad’s Room
New Scene:
After being fired, Brad goes home and, in a rage, rips a Coke/burger poster off his wall.
Length: 0:13

Stacy & Linda talk on phone
New scene:
Stacy asks Linda what she thinks of Rat. Linda asks his age and says he’s probably still in his heavy metal phase. Stacy defends him saying he seems very mature. Linda says she doesn’t know why Linda wants to waste time on Rat when she can get better looking older men. Stacy responds by saying she doesn’t think it would be a waste of time as Rat wouldn’t be mean like Ron Johnson was. Linda warns Stacy to watch out if Rat drives up in a van and plays a Led Zeppelin tape.
Length: 0:36

Rat & Stacy entering restaurant
New Scene:
Stacy and Rat can be seen walking  to the entrance of the restaurant. Both say they hear the restaurant is good.
Length: 0:07

Spicoli driving with L.C. in Jefferson’s car
Extended Scene:
A few additional moments including a short clip showing LC and Spicoli smoking and an alternate shots of Jefferson’s car passing slower traffic.
Length: 0:15

Jefferson discovers his trashed car in from of school
Extended Scene:
A pan across the shocked group in front of the school is added to the beginning of the scene.
Length: 0:13

Brad fantasizing about Linda
Alternate Scene:
Linda holds her bikini top closed after she unclips it as they kiss.
Length: 0:23

Brad talking to guidance counselor
New Scene:
Brad meets with his school counselor and she mistakes him for another student. Brad has been putting off college applications, and the counselor tells him he has to be an adult now, has to “buckle down” and “put aside all the fun”. Brad complains that he’s had a horrible year, his girlfriend broke up with him, he got fired from All-American Burger and two other places, he gets up at 5:30 to go to work at Mi-T mart, goes again after school. He says “You’re telling me the fun is over? Man, I’m still waiting for the fun to start” and walks out of the office. The counselor shakes her head in disgust.
Length: 1:45

Stacy & Linda talk about Stacy’s possible pregnancy in Linda’s room
New S
cene: Linda asks Stacy what’s wrong. Stacy talks to Linda about her suspicions that she may be pregnant and that it’s probably Damone. Stacy notes that Linda never told her how nice guys were until they have sex and then revert back to 5 years old. Stacy cries as Linda hugs her.
Length: 0:54

Stacy having abortion
New Scene:
Stacy asks if the abortion will hurt, and if having a baby hurts more. The doctor says, “Yes, but you mind it less.” The doctor begins the abortion as we Stacy in obvious distress during the procedure.
Length: 0:23

Spicoli & bud on telephone
Extended Scene:
Jeff describes his plans for a trip to Mexico as soon as school is out, and his plans to take “both boards and many cases.”
Length: 0:33

Mr. Hand teaches Spicoli a private lesson
Alternate Scene:
eSean Penn gives a different line reading in the TV version as he says, “Yeah. The Graduation Dance. It’s the last fiesta of the school year”
Length: 0:12

Mr. Hand & Spicoli say aloha
Extended Scene:
Short clip of Spicoli watching Mr. Hand leaving his room.
Length: 0:02

Mr. Hand signs yearbooks at Graduation Dance
New Scene:
Mr. Hand signs yearbooks and says “Aloha” to everyone. Eric Stoltz tells Spicoli it’s a good thing they’re going to Mexico, because when his parents read his yearbook, he’s going to get kicked out of the house.
Length: 0:18

Stacy calls Rat over from theater, Stacy gives Rat a picture of herself
Extended Scene:
After Rat talks to Stacy, Damone appears and tells him that he got Stacy’s number because he now has “The Attitude”. Ratner says no, it was because he is sensitive and Damone needs to learn to be more sensitive himself. Putting his arm around Damone’s shoulder, he says “It’s a wave, Damone, it’s a vibe. I put it out and I have personally found that girls do respond.”
Length: 1:23


The Shooting Schedule also lists some addtional scenes that may or may not have been filmed including:

  • Brad and Stacy having a heart to heart in Brad’s room about their virginity. This appears to be an extended scene after the Ron Johnson/Flowers sequence.
  • Spicoli running from the Lincoln High Surf Nazis in the parking lot for wrecking Jefferson’s car
  • Linda and Stacy talking during Driver’s Ed class (based on the script, this deleted scene was done as a telephone call instead where they talk about Rat and Led Zeppelin)