Cast: Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, Imogen Poots, Rafe Spall, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Peter Cambor, Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker, Finesse Mitchell and Ron White

Release Date: June 26, 2016

Season 1 Breakdown:

  • Episode 1: Life is a Carnival (Written By: Cameron Crowe Directed By: Cameron Crowe)
  • Episode 2: What Would Phil Do  (Written By: Winnie Holzman Directed By: Cameron Crowe)
  • Episode 3: The Bryce Newman Letter  (Written By: Cameron Crowe Directed By: Cameron Crowe)
  • Episode 4: The City Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken  (Written By: Hannah Friedman Directed By: Jeffrey Reiner)
  • Episode 5: Friends and Family  (Written By: David Rosen Directed By: Allison Liddi-Brown)
  • Episode 6: Longest Days  (Written By: Tom Kapinos & Cameron Crowe Directed By: Jon Kasdan)
  • Episode 7: Carpet Season  (Written By: David Rosen Directed By: Julie Anne Robinson)
  • Episode 8: The All-Night Bus Ride  (Written By: Cameron Crowe Directed By: Sam Jones)
  • Episode 9: The Corporate Gig  (Written By: Cameron Crowe & Winnie Holzman Directed By: Jon Kasdan)
  • Episode 10: The Load-Out  (Written By: Cameron Crowe Directed By: Cameron Crowe)