Review: Navasota – Rootin’

Navasota – Rootin’ (Dunhill ABCX 757)

Somebody over at Dunhill wants Navasota to be a biggie. So, what they did, was try to put a little of everything into it in order to appeal to a wide array of record buyers.

A little pedal steel in “Ballad of a Young Man.” Some horns in “Western Boots.” Some hard rock in “That’s How It Is (Playin’ in a Rock & Roll Band)” . . . and it’s in the bag.

Trouble is, it all sounds alike. Every lyric. Every lick. Everything. If the similarities between all the tunes wasn’t bad enough, the boys are pretty crummy musicians.

Now the best they can hope for is to corner Grand Funk’s market . . . which in a roundabout way achieves the hopes of success.

Courtesy of the Door (aka San Diego Door) – Cameron Crowe –  July 7, 1972  – July 20, 1972