Jill Cunniff – City Beach – LP + 7”

Release Date: February 20, 2007
Catalog #: VFR-2007-1
Number of Copies:

  • 500 (Orange/Pink)
  • 500 (Red/Yellow)


  1. Lazy Girls
  2. Happy Warriors
  3. NYC Boy
  4. Warm Sound
  5. Eye Candy
  6. Apartment 3
  7. Love is a Luxury
  8. Exclusive
  9. Kaleidoscope
  10. Future Call
  11. Calling Me
  12. Disconnection
  13. Like Smoke (12″ vinyl only bonus track)

Bonus 7″ Vinyl

  1. Kaleidoscope (Fader Creeps Version)
  2. Ladyfingers (Fader Creeps Version)


  • Here’s some pics of the insert sleeve, pink/orange, test pressing and red/yellow vinyl.

Press Release:

“It’s a) mood record made to bring the beach to caged up city dwellers. I hope it will also bring the city to homesick urbanites everywhere.”
–Jill Cunniff, about City Beach

Jill Cunniff, lead singer of alterna-girl pop group Luscious Jackson, hasn’t been in the public eye for six years, but has created a brand new solo album entitled City Beach, to be released on limited edition vinyl on March 6th by Vinyl Films Records. City Beach is a breezy, earnest yet celebratory piece — aglow with motherly wisdom and metrical nods to the unassailable grit and color of urban life. The album is dedicated to Coney Island, New York, a city beach known for its faded glory.

In the wake of the amicable split of Luscious Jackson, Cunniff continued recording and collaborating with a wide variety of talented and brilliant artists. Between writing with musicians behind the scenes including Emmylou Harris (who appears on the track “Disconnection”) among others, Jill wasted no time in creating her own music. She went out and bought a Mac, pro tools, and learned how to program and produce the way she wanted to: “I chopped-up samples, hid them slightly, turned them around… fiddled with and re-worked sounds and vocals. I learned how to record my voice better — when you record yourself it’s a very un-self-conscious process.” City Beach was mostly recorded at her studio, Streetwise Lullabies, in her home city of New York.

The vinyl includes an exclusive track co-written by author, journalist, musician and cult heroine Vivian Goldman, “Like Smoke,” and a bonus 7″ single with “The Fader Creeps” reworkings of the album track “Kaleidoscope” and the Luscious Jackson classic “Ladyfingers”. City Beach will be available on limited edition Orange/Pink vinyl (500 copies) and Red/Yellow vinyl (500 copies).