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The Doobie Brothers

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1975 Stampede LP

Cameron profiles and sits down for a chat with The Doobie Brothers in this August, 1975 interview for the L.A. Times. The interview focuses on guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and guitarist/vocalist Patrick Simmons, along with quotes from Pete Townshend and producer Ted Templeman. This is the incarnation of the band before singer Michael McDonald joined in 1976. While the band’s lineup has continued to change over the years, they still perform live and released an album in 2010 entitled World Gone Crazy.

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Nov 30, 2011

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Hell on Wheels…

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We are pleased to share the 200th Cameron penned piece for the Journalism section of the site with you today. It’s a story and band near and dear to his heart….Lynyrd Skynyrd. This October 1976 L.A. Times interview with singer Ronnie Van Zandt discusses the band’s much deserved partying reputation, the success of their fifth album, One More From the Road and their very bright future.

As you know, tragedy would strike just one year later with the heart breaking plane crash that would cost Ronnie, guitarist Steve Gaines, vocalist Cassie Gaines, assistant road manager Dean Kilpatrick, pilot Walter McCreary and co-pilot William Gray their lives. But let’s focus on the good times, the music and this interview. We hope you like it.

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Oct 3, 2011

Exclusive: Cameron On Music – PJ20, We Bought A Zoo & More

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I’m very excited to share a recent interview that I conducted with Cameron on all things music entitled “Music Matters”. We chatted about a variety of musical topics including Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, Todd Rundgren, Led Zeppelin, the best guitarists he’s seen live and much more. Then the questions turned to the musical aspects of both Pearl Jam Twenty and We Bought A Zoo. Another in-depth interview will occur this Fall and cover more specifics around the films, but today’s interview is all about the music…


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Jul 19, 2011

L.A. Times Music Reviews: America vs. Lucifer’s Friend?!

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As promised, here’s the last batch of Cameron’s LP reviews from the December 16, 1974 edition of the L.A. Times. He has nice things to say about America’s latest, more experimental release, Hat Trick, but says that early metal band, Lucifer’s Friend’s album is for “special tastes”. I don’t know about you, but I do think that album cover sure is interesting…




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Jul 8, 2011

More L.A. Times Music Reviews: Guthrie, Prairie & Raspberry

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How about three more L.A. Times LP reviews from 37 years ago this month? First up is Arlo Guthrie and Cameron rates this one “a gem”. Pure Prairie League’s Bustin’ Out also receives high marks. Can we get three LPs in a row that pass the muster? Unfortunately not, as Larry Raspberry’s LP is dismissed rather quickly. Oh well, two out of three isn’t bad…


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Jul 6, 2011

Fleetwood Mac: On The Cusp of Mega Stardom

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Cameron chats with Fleetwood Mac in this 1976 interview with the L.A. Times entitled “Better Rocking Through Chemistry”. The band reflects back on their recent platinum success with their self titled LP. Their next album, Rumors is just months away and will catapult the band to an ever greater heights. This interview also comes seven months prior to the Cameron Crowe penned Rolling Stone cover story.

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Jul 2, 2011

L.A. Times Music Reviews: Black Oak & Flash Cadillac

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Here’s two album reviews from April 7th, 1974 edition of the L.A. Times. Poor Cameron got stuck reviewing another Black Oak Arkansas record and this one fares no better than the last. Flash Cadillac avoids his scorn and receives a passing grade. I’ve given the L.A. Times its own section on the Journalism page as I’ll be sharing a slew of additional articles and reviews in the coming weeks…


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Jul 1, 2011

Jackson Browne: “Most People Publish Their Mistakes”.

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Jackson Browne and Cameron Crowe go way back. Some might think that “Somebody’s Baby” from the Fast Times soundtrack is where their relationship began. In reality, it goes back much further. Here’s an early 1974 interview that Cameron conducted at Jackson’s home for the L.A. Times between the release of Browne’s For Everyman and Late for the Sky albums. The normally press shy Browne talks about his early days in Orange County, setbacks, fame and that his best vocal performances are yet to come. I hope you like reading it as much as I liked transcribing it!

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May 30, 2011

David Crosby: Remember My Name-Out Now on DVD/Blu-ray & Digital!

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