Cameron’s Journal for Elizabethtown

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Posted by Greg on December 8, 2003 at 8:55 am
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Here’s the first entry for Cameron’s Elizabethtown Journal.

December, 2003

Elizabethtown finally has its lead actors. Orlando Bloom (as Drew Baylor) and Kirsten Dunst (as Claire Colburn). Dunst had come very close to being cast inĀ Almost Famous and Bloom had been the lead (with Kate Beckinsale) in my one and only commercial, a black and white ad for the Gap. We’d made a pact to work together in the future. Now’s the time. Only one problem. He’s not available for close to six months. Dunst will have time to make another movie, “Wimbledon,” in England, and I will have time to storyboard and prepare the movie to a fine degree. And the movie, which is set in summer, will be able to be shot in summer. That had always been a problemĀ  how were we going to do a movie about summer, in all its glorious humidity, with January snow on the ground? It feels right to wait. Vinyl Films will go into a long pre-production hibernation_ we make all kinds of plans on how to spend the down time. We’ll work on future projects, plot visual style on “E-town,” plan music for the movie and we’ll put out the vinyl on our fave artists Low and Mark Kozelek, and wait out the long months.

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