Jerry Maguire Turns 15, Vanilla Sky is 10!

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Posted by Greg on December 12, 2011 at 8:14 pm
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Two of Cameron’s films hit milestones this week. Jerry Maguire hits the 15 year mark on December 13th and Vanilla Sky reaches 10 years the following day. Hard to believe, right? Jerry Maguire was Cameron’s first big box office success and garnered his first Oscar nomination for writing.

On the set of Jerry Maguire

Vanilla Sky was a more polarizing film as people either loved it or hated it. One thing is for sure, everyone had opinion about it. Looking back, I think it had a pretty remarkable box office run. It’s the 24th slowest film ever to reach $100 million in domestic box office (and the most recent film on the list). Why? It’s a film that demanded repeat viewings and audiences took their unsuspecting family and friends along for their 2nd or 3rd viewing to get their opinions.

Please share your good and bad memories about these two films. Do they still hold up? Music? Performances? Whatever comments you’d like to share . . .

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