We Bought A Zoo – International Release Schedule

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Posted by Greg on January 2, 2012 at 9:34 am
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Happy New Year Everyone! While We Bought A Zoo has already opened in a few places (United States, Canada, Trinidad, Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Spain), many of you are asking when it opens in your country. Here’s the most complete list I have. Let us know if we missed your country and we’ll get the details.

  • January 5th – Bolivia
  • January 8th – Philippines
  • January 19th – South Korea, Chile, Peru
  • January 20th – Turkey, South Africa, Central America, Columbia, Uruguay, East and West Africa
  • January 26th – Serbia/Montenegro
  • January 27th – Romania, Spain, Ecuador
  • February 16th – Dominican Republic
  • February 29th – Jordan
  • March 1st – Belarus, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland, Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria, United Arab Emirates
  • March 2nd – Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Venezuela
  • March 7th – Egypt
  • March 8th – Croatia, Denmark
  • March 9th – Sweden, Finland
  • March 16th – Italy, UK, Poland
  • March 22nd – Portugal
  • March 23rd – Lithuania, India
  • March 30th – Iceland
  • April 12th – Czech/Slovakia
  • April 13th – Bulgaria,
  • April 18th – Belgium, France, Netherlands
  • April 19th – Holland
  • June 8th – Japan


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