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Fast Times at Ridgemont High: 29 Years Ago Today…

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The Scene That Wore Out VHS Tapes…

Can you believe it? . . . 29 years ago today marked the theatrical release of Fast Times at Ridgemont High in North America. Hopefully you picked up the new Blu-ray earlier this week, but regardless, it would be a great time to celebrate the film in any format (VHS, Beta, LaserDisc, DVD, HD-DVD, iTunes, etc.). All those different formats just validate Fast Times and its staying power. Maybe someday, the outtakes and deleted scenes will show up in somebody’s garage, but for now, we can always watch them during those TBS showings, right?

Cameron Makes His Mark

To celebrate the occasion, I’m sharing this insightful L.A. Times article I recently came across from December, 1981. Writer Paul Rosenfield was invited on set (after midnight) as filming had just begun. He captures the excitement of all these relative unknowns making a feature film for the first time (Amy Heckerling, Cameron Crowe, most of the cast, etc.). You’ll find  some great quotes from Cameron and Art Linson and it’s an enjoyable read.

Cameron (with sweet mustache) plays “Doug” in a promo shot that wasn’t used in the film

Please share your memories about Fast Times? When did you first see it? Was it back in 1982 or more recently? Chime in with your thoughts!


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Aug 13, 2011

David Crosby: Remember My Name-Out Now on DVD/Blu-ray & Digital!

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