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Irving Azoff: They Call Him Big Shorty


Glenn Frey, Irving Azoff & Dan Fogelberg

We have an exciting new addition to the Journalism section today. Cameron profiled rock manager Irving Azoff for the June 15, 1978 issue of Rolling Stone. At the time, Azoff was the most powerful manager in the industry. He would go on to produce Fast Times at Ridgemont High, head MCA, start his own label (Giant Records) and much more. Azoff is currently the CEO/President of Front Line Management and Live Nation and was recently ranked #1 on Billboard‘s Power 100 list for the music industry.

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Nov 21, 2012

San Diego Door: Early Eagles Interview


(L-R) Frey, Meisner, Henley & Leadon. Photo Courtesy of Gary Elam

I’m happy to present a brand new Cameron penned piece of Journalism today entitled “Movin’ Up With The Eagles”. This is a very early interview with the original members of Eagles from November, 1972, shortly after the success of their self titled debut album. Cameron brings the readers up to speed on the band’s formation and then conducts a Q & A with the band. It’s interesting now to reflect back on who the spokesmen for the band was early on. It’s very obvious that both Glenn Frey and Bernie Leadon are the dominating force at this time. Don Henley doesn’t say too much and Randy Meisner is nearly as quiet as “silent Ed Vallencourt” from Almost Famous. Leadon would leave the band in 1975 as they moved in a more rock direction and left their country roots behind.

One last thing. The picture above is from the San Diego Door article and send to me by Cameron from his archives. He wants to point out that it was taken by his high school friend Gary Elam. Enjoy!

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Aug 4, 2011

Eagles: Track by Track


Cameron sat down with Glenn Frey and Don Henley for the liner notes of Eagles:┬áVery Best of. Instead of the usual essay, they discuss each song and share anecdotes, recording info, early versions, title changes and inspirations behind the songs. It’s interesting to hear them reflect back on these iconic tunes and the impact that unofficial member J.D. Souther had on the band. Enjoy!

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Jun 28, 2011

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