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Press On!

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After many, many hours of reformatting, the Press section of the site is back for your reading pleasure. I just want to make a few things clear before you dig in. The objective here is not to be self-congratulatory in any way. I look at these 200+ interviews with Cameron as a time capsule. What was going on at that time, his thought process making these films, etc. Sure, some of the questions are redundant (What happened with the casting of (insert name)?, pop culture catch phrases and so on…). However, you’ll find many questions that are insightful and if you dig, some great gems that you might not have known.

For example, Cameron was talking about Singles (set in Phoenix) as far back as 1984 or Cameron’s Dad providing ideas/life lessons for the Fast Times book through the guise of Mr. Hand. Those are just a few, there’s many more including the legendary Ricky Fedora… So sit back, relax and explore…


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Apr 13, 2011

Who the Hell is Ricky Fedora?!

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I have a special treat for everyone today. I had the opportunity to talk extensively with Cameron this past week for an exclusive interview with the site. I wanted to avoid the usual questions and focus on more of the obscure (i.e. geeky, fan boy) type of questions about his writing and film career. I can’t thank Cameron enough for his time, generosity and cooperation with making the best interview possible (7,510 words!). I really enjoyed the interview and hope you’ll do the same.

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Jun 18, 2002

David Crosby: Remember My Name-Out Now on DVD/Blu-ray & Digital!

  • Almost Famous- Paramount+
  • Aloha- Starz, DirecTV
  • David Crosby- Starz, DirecTV
  • E-Town- FUBO
  • Fast Times- TUBI
  • Jerry Maguire- Netflix
  • Say Anything...- FUBO,Paramount+,MGM+
  • Singles- Vudu
  • Vanilla Sky- Prime Video,Pluto TV
  • We Bought A Zoo- Disney+