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Elizabethtown – New Journal Entries

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Cameron’s September and October journals have been added. Look for additional journal entries very soon!

September 1, 2004

John Wayne Airport, Orange County. Haven’t been here since we filmed Jerry and Dorothy swinging Ray in “Jerry Maguire.” It’s a good luck place, and the site for our long airport scene with the Baylor family. We’re shooting nights, and everybody is a little wobbly as we finish about five in the morning. I like airports, maybe that’s why they pop up in my movies so much. Sometimes I’ll sit in an airport when I’m not even traveling, just to people watch, and imagine the lives going by, most of them people at some sort of an important juncture in their lives. The John Wayne airport hasn’t allowed filming since 9/11, so it’s a big deal that we’re here. It’s also only available to us for one day, so we need to stay on schedule. We do, ending with a crane shot done at five in the morning.

September, 2, 2004

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Feb 5, 2005

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