Roadies Episode 1 – Song List

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Episode 1 – Life is a Carnival:

  • Tail Dragger – Link Wray
  • Tangled Up in Blue 3 – Bob Dylan
  • Don’t Wait – The Duke Spirit
  • Isoprene Bath – Reptar
  • Generator (First Floor)  – Freelance Whales
  • Duet for Guitars #2 – M. Ward
  • Jump Hi – Lion Babe (Featuring Childish Gambino)
  • Get Free – Major Lazer (Featuring Amber Coffman)
  • I Wish I Was Sober – Frightened Rabbit (Song of the Day)
  • The Wild Life –Outasight
  • Wrong Club – The Ting Tings
  • All We Ever Knew – The Head and the Heart
  • Lurker – Steve Gunn
  • Still Gonna Quit (score) – Jon Russell
  • Falling in Love At A Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg
  • So Many Secrets (score) – Jon Russell
  • Into Your Heart – Futurecop (Featuring Hunz & Mosaik)
  • Loudmouth – Ramones
  • Paralyse – Polarheart
  • Lost in My Mind – The Head and the Heart
  • Given to Fly – Pearl Jam
  • 30 Days in the Hole – Humble Pie
  • Fanfare – Miklos Rozsa

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Happy Birthday Neal Preston!

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Freddie Mercury at Wembley Stadium. Photo by Neal Preston

We want to wish the one and only Neal Preston a very happy birthday today! His relationship (both personally and professionally) with Cameron goes back 40+ years and we all love him at Vinyl Films. Happy Birthday Neal!

Neal and Cameron (2003) Courtesy of Neal Preston

Neal and Cameron (2003) Courtesy of Neal Preston

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Watch the Roadies Pilot now!

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Happy Monday everybody. Showtime has made the pilot for Roadies available for free to anyone. Just a word of warning that some streaming platforms will be editing the episode for content (i.e. nudity and language). If you are a paid Showtime or Hulu subscriber it appears that episode will be uncut. Most likely this free episode is only available to stream in North America.

It can be watched on, YouTube, Hulu, iTunes and many other platforms. Let us know what you think!

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New Extended Roadies Trailer

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Here’s our first extended look at Roadies. The song featured here is “San Francisco” by The Mowglis. Cameron directs the first three episodes of the series and we thought you might like the titles.

  • Episode 1: Life is a Carnival
  • Episode 2: What Would Phil Do
  • Episode 3: The Bryce Newman Letter

Roadies debuts on Showtime on June 26th.

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Imogen on Roadies

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We love Kelly Ann in Roadies and we think you will too. Here’s a recent interview that Imogen Poots did about the show, her character Kelly Ann and her newest movie Pop Star with Out.

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Roadies Teaser: 60 Shows, 43 Cities

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Showtime keeps cranking out the Roadies footage/trailers, so I thought I’d share the latest one here. We hope to have some additional Roadies pieces soon…stay tuned!

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Jerry Maguire Mission Statement

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As we inch closer to Jerry Maguire‘s 20th Anniversary, I thought you might want to read Cameron’s original Mission Statement (that is only briefly featured in the film). Here’s the entire 25 pages penned by Cameron. Happy Monday!


Thoughts of a Sports Attorney

Miami Hilton, 1 AM

It’s 1 AM and this might be the bad pizza I had earlier talking, but I believe I have something to say. Or rather, I have something to say that I believe in. My father once said, “Get the bad news over with first. You be the one to say the tough stuff. Well, here goes. There is a cruel wind blowing through our business. We all feel it, and if we don’t, perhaps we’ve forgotten how to feel. But here is the truth. We are less ourselves than we were when we started this organization.

Sports Management International began as a small company. I was hired by Jack Scully in 1981, I was fresh out of college, I didn’t even watch much sports. But a young man came to me, and his name was Bill Apodaca. He asked me to look at a contract he’d acquired to play football for the Atlanta Falcons. Before long I was overseeing the business of another member of the Falcons, and two baseball players. The nuances and the small miracles of professional sports would soon hook me — there was something simple and perfect about the way a stadium felt. The way vou felt when a player you’d helped and represented made his stand in front of 54,000 people. And I remember the conversation Mr. Scully and I had by an elevator, standing next to one of those sand-filled ashtray posts, right before he hired me as one of the first agents in this company. “You and I are blessed, he said, “we do something that we love.”

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Roadies Poster!

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We are excited to share the first high res poster for the first season of Roadies with you today. It will debut on Showtime this June 26th.

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Mike Finger’s The Blue and the Black