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FAQ: Fast Times…the Book

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I’ve received the same question (many, many times) over the years surrounding Cameron’s first novel, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and its availability. As you know, the book has been out of print for a number of years and is currently fetching big bucks on eBay, Amazon and other places. Who owns the rights? Will it ever be re-released? What does Cameron think? Here’s the skinny:

I asked Cameron if the book would ever be put back in print during an exclusive career encompassing interview (Who the Hell is Ricky Fedora?) back in 2002.  Here’s what he said:

“I think so.  The rights reverted to me a while ago.  If I do re-publish it, I’d probably want to write a new introduction… but frankly, we never did a sequel and I’ve never re-published the book because I like the fact that Fast Times at Ridgemont High lives in its own era.  It’s sort of a dog-eared memory.  I like that.  I was reluctant to even do the enhanced DVD, but it was so much fun to sit down with Amy Heckerling again.  In a lot of ways, that book is probably the favorite thing I’ve written. It was the first time I’d fully shut the world out, and written something that wasn’t for an editor, or for anybody other than my friends and me.   I really related to Brad. The pain and awkwardness of sex, love and friendship. The goal was to write something that was as aching as that time of life was for me (and others), but also funny.   It was kind of a Holden Caulfield time.  My girlfriend had dumped me, and I went down to San Diego and fell in with a whole new crowd.  They were wonderful people.  I’m still in touch was a few of them.  When people say, ‘I got a beat up copy of that book, it’s really good’. It means a lot to me. For a long time, people didn’t even know the book existed or they would say, “Did you know some guy wrote a book from your movie?’ [laughs]”

So there you go. For now, keep looking at your local book stores, thrift shops, etc. You just might come across a copy and for a decent price! I’ll keep you posted on a future plans to put the book back in print…

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Mar 3, 2011

Cameron Talks Fast Times Book

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Cameron recently about the out of print book with the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Fast Bucks

Grabbing a copy of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (the movie) on the Web is cheap enough — a couple of bucks, tops, for a used copy.

A copy of “Fast Times,” the book? Now that’s going to hurt. Anybody seeking a used volume at online auction sites is looking at $50 or so for a paperback, a cool $200 for the hardcover.

And we do mean anybody.

“I’ve had to buy it on eBay once or twice,” admits Cameron Crowe, who is only the guy who wrote the thing.

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Mar 24, 2007

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