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Pearl Jam Reissues Set for March 29th

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To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Pearl Jam has officially announced newly restored and expanded versions of Vs. and Vitalogy. This should just be the beginning of the PJ news as we await Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam Twenty documentary later in the year. It’s also worth pointing out that Vinyl Films guru Andy Fischer worked extensively on the vinyl project (just like the Ten reissue a couple of years ago). Here’s all the details:

1. Definitive Legacy Editions (CD and Digital) – The definitive Legacy editions of Vs. and Vitalogy — including the original studio albums, newly remastered, along with album-era bonus tracks — will each be available on CD and digital formats:

The definitive Legacy edition of Vs. includes three bonus tracks recorded by Brendan O’Brien at The Site studio during the Vs. sessions:

  • A previously unreleased acoustic version of “Hold On”
  • “Cready Stomp” – a previously unreleased studio outtake
  • The band’s cover of Victoria Williams’ “Crazy Mary” featuring Williams on backing vocals and guitar.

The definitive Legacy edition of Vitalogy includes three bonus tracks:

  • The previously unreleased guitar/organ-only mix of “Betterman”;
  • A previously unreleased alternate take of “Corduroy” from the Vitalogy session (recorded by Brendan O’Brien);
  • A previously unreleased demo version of “Nothingman,” taken from the original DAT (recorded at John and Stu’s in Seattle on October 14, 1993, featuring Richard Stuverud on drums).

2. Deluxe Edition (3 CDs or Digital Download Bundle at Various Digital Service Providers) – Deluxe Edition CD version – Vs. and Vitalogy will be available together in a CD deluxe edition which includes:

  • The Legacy edition of each album;
  • A copy of Live at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, April 12, 1994. A special performance recorded at the tail end of the mythic Vs. tour, Live at the Orpheum Theater showcases a dream setlist created especially by the Pearl Jam crew and has for years been one of the most sought-after recordings among serious aficionados.

3. Limited Edition Collector’s Boxed Set (5 LPs, 3 CDs, 1 Cassette, Digital Download, Composition Notebook, Memorabilia-filled Envelope) – Vs. and Vitalogy will be available together in a limited edition collector’s boxed set that includes 59 unique Pearl Jam performances on four CDs, five LPs and one cassette in addition to a number of guest artist performances. The Limited Edition Boxed set is only available for sale at pearljam.com.

Contents include:

Definitive Legacy editions of Vs. and Vitalogy remastered with bonus tracks on CD;

  • Remastered vinyl editions of Vs. (single LP) and Vitalogy (double LP);
  • Double vinyl LP and CD of Live at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, April 12, 1994 plus an exclusive digital download of the concert.  A special performance recorded at the tail end of the mythic Vs. tour, Live at the Orpheum Theater showcases a dream setlist created especially by the Pearl Jam crew and has for years been one of the most sought-after recordings among serious aficionados;
  • Exclusive collector’s cassette featuring live tribute and studio performances from a number of Pearl Jam’s fellow artist friends. Broadcast on January 8, 1995, this recording is part of the legendary Monkeywrench/Self-Pollution Radio series produced by the band;
  • 80-page composition book filled with photos, drawings and artwork by Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament;
  • A glassine envelope containing a collection of Vs. and Vitalogy- era memorabilia including beautiful lithographs of each band member, postcards, posters and much more.

4. Record Store Day Vinyl Editions (LP) – Available April 12th – Vs. and Vitalogy will be available at independent record retailers in new commemorative, vinyl editions on April 12th in time for Record Store Day 2011 (April 16th).

  • Vs. (single LP) and Vitalogy (double LP) – both remastered
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Feb 3, 2011

Vinyl Films Assists Pearl Jam Ten Reissue

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This is amazing news! My two favorite things combining forces. Here’s an excerpt from the press release.

Ten, the debut album that sold 12 million copies and introduced the world to Pearl Jam in 1991, will be reissued in four (4) new and expanded editions. Pre-orders of the Super Deluxe Edition begin today, through the Ten Club at PearlJam.com. All four editions will be available for purchase on March 24, 2009. The reissue of Ten serves as the launch of a planned two-year catalogue re-release campaign leading up to the band’s 20th anniversary in 2011.

Each Ten package will include two versions of the album: the remastered version of the original album PLUS an accompanying remixed version done by the band’s long-time producer, Brendan O’Brien (Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Audioslave). Details on specific extras for each of the four packages are listed below.

“The band loved the original mix of Ten, but were also interested in what it would sound like if I were to deconstruct and remix it,” says producer Brendan O’Brien. “The original Ten sound is what millions of people bought, dug and loved, so I was initially hesitant to mess around with that. After years of persistent nudging from the band, I was able to wrap my head around the idea of offering it as a companion piece to the original – giving a fresh take on it, a more direct sound.”


Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, who served as the art director for the original Ten packaging, reprised his role for the reissues collaborating with designer, Andy Fischer, of Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl Films (Into the Wild soundtrack LP, Vanilla Sky soundtrack LP, Harold and Maude anniversary edition soundtrack LP).

“The goal was to assemble the ultimate fan-piece,” explains Fischer. “Something Pearl Jam lovers could pore over as they experience an indelible record all over again, in an entirely new way.”

“The original concept was about really being together as a group and entering into the world of music as a true band…a sort of all-for-one deal,” says Jeff Ament. “There were some elements of the original Ten artwork that didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, due to time constraints. With this reissue, we’ve been able to take our time and invest resources into making the design the way we had originally intended.”

Check out all the details and pics over at Pearl Jam’s official site!

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Dec 13, 2008

Vinyl Films Records – The 10″ Series

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Vinyl Records, a division of Vinyl Films, is proud to announce their first record release. Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters fame returns with a haunting acoustic ballad entitled ‘Duk Koo Kim.’ Pressed on 10″ vinyl, this single is limited to 1,000 numbered copies worldwide and will NOT be released on compact disc. The a-side is as beautiful and ethereal as anything in Kozelek’s catalog, and the b-side is a stark, gorgeous live version of the title track.

The record should be in record stores by early February. Andy Fischer from Vinyl Films says that a few may even be sold on the Vinyl Films site if they can get that back up and running in time. A bit of the site is back up and I’ll keep you posted on further progress.

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Jan 23, 2003

Vanilla Sky Vinyl

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I’m very pleased to announce that the Vanilla Sky soundtrack will be released in a special limited edition double vinyl version. Andy Fisher over at Vinyl Films has done a great job with this (and the Almost Famous Vinyl). Hurry there’s still a few left.)

“In conjunction with Reprise Records and Paramount Pictures, Classic Records and Vinyl Films are proud to begin work on the Limited Edition release of the soundtrack to the film ‘Vanilla Sky’ on 180-gram virgin vinyl. Classic Records and Vinyl Films previously partnered on last December’s ‘Untitled’ release, the expanded soundtrack to ‘Almost Famous.’

The outer gatefold artwork of the Vanilla Sky LP is an homage to The Beatles’ ‘White Album’, with a simple, elegant, ghostly photograph of David Aames gracing the front cover. The inner gatefold begins with an iconic image of David Aames in the mask, overlooking the album credits. From there, the inner gatefold is a 5-page booklet literally packed with images from Vanilla Sky, giving the movie fan a rare behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vanilla Sky, both behind and in front of the camera. The labels of each album-side have a different interpretation of David Aames’ mask sketched by Vanilla Sky storyboard artist Alex Hill.

Further sweetening the pot for the fans, each of the first 2500 Vanilla Sky LPs is numbered, and comes with 12 frames from an actual print of the film! These films strips come in a silkscreened glassine envelope with a sketch of the mask lying in the street next to David Aames’ hand. The envelope is labeled ‘a piece of the puzzle’. Each envelope has a strip of film from one of the many classic scenes from Vanilla Sky. The scenes used most will be the club scene, the rooftop scene, the car crash, and of course, the mind-numbing opening sequence where David Aames finds himself all alone in one of the most recognizable plots of land in the world, New York’s Times Square.

A few random copies of the album will be signed by Vanilla Sky writer-director Cameron Crowe, and a few by score composer Nancy Wilson. The Vanilla Sky LP is the perfect companion piece to the Vanilla Sky DVD and is available for pre-orders at www.classicrecords.com, and will be available to ship May 15th.”

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May 1, 2002

David Crosby: Remember My Name-Out Now on DVD/Blu-ray & Digital!

  • Almost Famous- Showtime,Amazon
  • David Crosby- Starz
  • E-Town- Amazon
  • Fast Times- Starz
  • Jerry Maguire- Netflix
  • Say Anything...- Amazon,Starz
  • Singles- Vudu
  • Vanilla Sky- Netflix
  • We Bought A Zoo- Amazon